BIBCHECK 1 "25 November 1994" "Version 0.08"

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bibcheck - check a BibTeX bibliography file


bibcheck [ -author ] [ -copyright ] [ -debug ] [ -help ] [ -version ] <infile >outfile
bibcheck [ -author ] [ -copyright ] [ -debug ] [ -help ] [ -version ] BibTeXfile(s) >outfile


bibcheck applies heuristic checks to BibTeX files to ferret out possible errors, portability problems, and stylistic problems, often finding ones that are quite difficult to spot by manual proofreading.

Some of the checks made are

Warning messages identify the file name and line number, in a format recognized by the GNU Emacs compile command, so that you can run it from within an emacs(1) session, and then position rapidly to the source file locations where the messages were raised.

lacheck(1) performs similar checks on LaTeX files; its great utility was the inspiration for this program.


Command-line options may be abbreviated to a unique leading prefix, and letter case is ignored.

To avoid confusion with options, if a filename begins with a hyphen, it must be disguised by a leading absolute or relative directory path, e.g. /tmp/-foo.bib or ./-foo.bib.

Display an author credit on stdout.
Display a copyright message on stdout.
Display a token stream on stdout, suitable for possible input to bibunlex(1), or for identifying the cause of a reported parsing error.
Display a usage message on stdout.
Display a program version message on stdout.


bibclean(1), bibdup(1), bibextract(1), bibindex(1), bibjoin(1), biblabel(1), biblex(1), biblook(1), biborder(1), bibparse(1), bibsort(1), bibtex(1), bibunlex(1), emacs(1), lacheck(1);


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