BIBLOOK 1 "30 September 1992" "Version 2.2"

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biblook - lookup entries in a bibliography file


biblook basename [savefile]


biblook permits rapid lookup in a BibTeX bibliography data base, using a compact binary index file prepared by bibindex(1).

At the prompt, the user can enter any of the following commands:

Display a help message.
f[ind] [not] <field> <words>
Find the entries containing the given words in any field with a prefix matching the <field> argument. For example, `a' matches both `author' and `address', and `au' matches `author' only. If the <field> argument is `-' (or any string with no letters or numbers), match any field.

If `not' appears before the <field>, the sense of the search is reversed. The symbols `~' and `!' can be used in place of `not'.

Each word is a contiguous sequence of letters and digits. Case is ignored; accents should be omitted; apostrophes are not required. Single characters and a few common words are also ignored. Any word ending with an asterisk is treated as a prefix. Thus, `point*' matches `point', `points', `pointer', etc.

and [not] <field> <words>
or [not] <field> <words>
Intersect (resp. union) the results of the given search with the previous search. Several of these commands may be combined on a single line. Commands are handled in the order in which they appear; there is no precedence. Unlike other commands, and like `not', these must be spelled out completely. `&' can be used in place of `and', and `|' can be used in place of `or'.

Display the results of the previous search.

s[ave] [<filename>]
Save the results of the previous results into the specified file. If <filename> is omitted, the previous save file is used. If no save file has ever been specified, results are saved in the file specified on the command line. If no such file is specified, `save.bib' is used. If the save file exists, results are appended to it.


Several commands can be combined on a single line by separating them with semicolons. For example, the following command displays all STOC papers cowritten by Erdo"s without `Voronoi diagrams' in the title:

f b stoc* | b symp* theory comp* & au erdos & ~t voronoi diagrams ; d


bibclean(1), bibindex(1), bibtex(1), latex(1), tex(1)


Jeff Erickson
Computer Science Division
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720
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This program is in the public domain. You may use it or modify it to your heart's content, at your own risk.