byacc: Berkeley yacc (yet another compiler compiler)

Last updates: Fri Dec 27 07:00:28 2002     Fri Sep 24 08:34:25 2004     Thu Nov 4 06:17:33 2004

byacc is hard to find, because there is no official distribution site for it, although copies of various provenance can be found at many places on the Internet. The hoc maintainer has collected several such versions, which seem to have incompatible development lines, and after correspondence with byacc's original author, who no longer maintains the program, the best, and most modern, choice appears to be the byacc-990830 version listed below.

This package is available in several functionally-equivalent distribution formats with identical contents: .jar (Java archive), .tar.bz2 (bzip2'ed UNIX tar archive), .tar.gz (gzipped UNIX tar archive), .zip (InfoZip), and .zoo (zoo), together with companion contents listings ending in -lst. Each unpacks into a subdirectory named by the basename of the distribution file, e.g., byacc-990830.

It has been GNU autoconfigurized, and thus builds, validates, and installs as easily as GNU bison.

Since this academic Web/ftp site is stable and well-maintained, perhaps this location can serve as a new permanent home for byacc. Please send notification of newer versions, or build problems with the version here, to this site maintainer.