Drawing objects

To draw a new object on the sheet, first select a shape by clicking on one of the drawing tools on the floating toolbar.

Each button can display a tooltip if the mouse stays more than two seconds on it. Then CLICK with the mouse's LEFT button anywhere on the canvas to set the object's first point. Now MOVING the mouse let you choose the second point. When you're ok, simply CLICK again.

Graphical objects defined by more than two control points, e.g. polygons or splines, work the same way, except that you'll have to "move-then-click" as many times as there are control points to the curve, then DOUBLE-CLICK to end up the drawing process.

If a right click occurs before the element is totally drawn, this cancels the whole operation.

The following is a list of all available objects as well as their associated icon on the toolbar :


Bezier quadratic splines
Bezier cubic splines
Circles, ellipses.
Open arcs.
Chord arcs.
Polygons. Double-click to end the drawing operation.
Text (possibly boxed).

For rectangles, ellipses and arcs, press the CONTROL key to draw with centre kept fixed.

For all objects, pressing F2 open a properties-panel. This in particular allows to change the alignement and box type for texts, and the arc type for arcs.

Please note : PsTricks doesn't support elliptic arcs. There have been some add-ons which circumvent this limitation, yet these aren't included YET in jPicEdt. LaTeX and eepic don't support these objects neither, hence these are emulated. I know, the question of adopting the same policy for PsTricks has been mooted several times... PsTricks is beautiful, emulation is cack. The answer is definitely NO.