TeX User Groups around the world

This page presents electronic information about TeX User Groups around the world, with an automated mechanism for updating this information and a download facility with which the primary database can be extracted.

The data for each user group is generated in a separate table. To access it, simply click on the name of the country.

A user group representative (the secretary, usually) can send a corrected version of his group data by editing the data on-line and then hitting the Send button. This will mail the changed data to the maintainer of this page.

New user groups can request an entry by sending an email to wybo@ntg.nl

  • Please enter ASCII characters (decimal 32-126) only
  • use TeX for accents
  • Enter phone numbers starting with +, then the country code et cetera, no whitespace, hyphens or other punctuation.

Anybody can obtain user group information by downloading the data from the green cell in a table. This will generate a key=value line for each cell in the table, starting with a key for that cell, followed by the contents of the cell.

How to obtain information about all lugs at once:
Obtain a LaTeX file presenting all lug information for publication in two-column format: LaTeX source
Obtain a LaTeX file containing labels with addresses of all lugs, where you can send your publication: LaTeX source PDF