TeX Consulting and Production Services

This is a list of all the professional TeX consultants and commercial vendors known to us who have net (email/web) connections. If you want to be listed, or send comments or corrections, please email.

See also: list of vendors who don't have net connections.

TeX Consultants

Paul C. Anagnostropoulos greek@windfall.com
We have been typesetting and composing high-quality books and technical Publications since 1989. Most of the books are produced with our own public-domain macro package, ZzTeX, but we consult on all aspects of TeX and book production. We can convert almost any electronic manuscript to TeX. We also develop book and electronic publishing software for DOS and Windows. I am a computer analyst with a Computer Science degree.
Kathryn Hargreaves letters@cs.umb.edu
I write in TeX, LaTeX, METAFONT, MetaPost, PostScript, HTML, Perl, Awk, C, C++, Java, and do CGI scripting. I take special care with mathematics. I also copyedit, proofread, write documentation, do spiral binding, scan B/W images at 1200 DPI, program, hack fonts, and design letterforms, ads, newsletters, journals/proceedings and books. I'm a journeyman typographer and began typesetting and designing in 1979. I coauthored TeX for the Impatient (Addison-Wesley, 1990) and some psychophysics research papers. I have an MFA in Painting/Sculpture/Graphic Arts and an MSc in Computer Science. I'm currently doing some digital type and human vision research. I enjoy solving small problems pro bono, subject to free time (ha!).
Alan Hoenig ajhjj@cunyvm.cuny.edu
TeX typesetting services including complete book production; macro writing; individual and group TeX instruction.
NAR Associates dfr@usna.navy.mil
Extensive long term experience in TeX book publishing with major publishers, working with authors or publishers to turn electronic copy into attractive books. We offer complete freelance production services, including design, copy editing, art sizing and layout, typesetting and repro production. We specialize in engineering, science, computers, computer graphics, aviation and medicine.
Nikolaj N. Nepejvoda nnn@uni.udm.ru
TeX typesetting (including papers and books all or partially in Russian, or other multiple-language documents), LaTeX2e macro and package writing, translations from TeX to Word and back. Platform compatibility problems between PC's, Linux, and/or MacIntosh.
Arthur Ogawa/TeX Consultants ogawa@teleport.com or web@superscript.com
Experienced book production, macro packages, programming, and consultation. Complete book production from computer-readable copy to camera-ready copy. See http://www.teleport.com/~ogawa
Quixote Digital Typography dhosek@quixote.com
Complete line of TeX, LaTeX and METAFONT services including custom LaTex style files, complete book production from manuscript to camera-ready copy; custom font and logo design; installation of customized TeX environments; phone consulting service; database applications and more. Free estimates.

Commercial TeX Vendors

IBM PC and compatibles

Personal TeX, Inc. texsales@pctex.com
Makers of PCTeX, the first IBM PC-based TeX system in 1985. PCTeX32 now runs on Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Related TeX/LaTeX macros and books. See http://www.pctex.com/

Micro Programs, Inc. sales@microprograms.com
MicroTeX (for DOS), TeX tools for IBM PC, Sun.

Y&Y, Inc. sales-help@YandY.com
Y&Y TeX (for DOS or Windows), Outline fonts and device drivers. See http://www.YandY.com/

MicroPress, Inc. support@micropress-inc.com
VTeX (for DOS). See http://www.micropress-inc.com

Richard J. Kinch, Ph.D., The Kinch Computer Co. kinch@tesla.netline.net
TrueTeX (for Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Windows 95), TurboTeX (for DOS, OS/2, Unix, VAX/VMS). See http://ios.com/~kinch and http://styx.ios.com/~kinch


Blue Sky Research sales@bluesky.com
Textures for Macintosh. TEXLinks is for more vendors, etc. See http://www.bluesky.com/TEXLinks and http://www.bluesky.com/

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