proTeXt distribution

proTeXt is an easy-to-install Windows distribution based on MiKTeX which the TeX user groups distribute as part of the TeX Collection.

You must download the distribution and read the pdf install document locally with Acrobat to install proTeXt. That is, the install links will not work if you're browsing the install document on the web.

Testing, comments, and bug reports are always welcome. Please email to

We encourage proTeXt users to join their local TeX user group to support this and other TeX activities. We also encourage a donation to MiKTeX development if possible. And Thomas would be grateful for any donations to AIDS-Hilfe Hagen, an AIDS support organization in his city.

proTeXt was developed by Thomas Feuerstack, while MiKTeX was created and is maintained by Christian Schenk. Many thanks to both.

proTeXt .exe files are also zip files; you can inspect or unpack them simply by running unzip (on any platform).
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