Old versions - University of Utah LaTeX dissertation and thesis styles

In order to not break already-published Web locations for older files at this site, no files have been removed, and remain available through this old top-level index. However, most are of historical interest only, and should not be used for new dissertations and theses. You can see all of the files in this tree by visiting it in a Web browser as a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site, or by using any FTP client program, such as ftp, lftp, or ncftp. A sample FTP session might look like this:

% ncftp ftp.math.utah.edu
ncftp / > cd /pub/uuthesis
ncftp /pub/uuthesis > dir
... long output ...
ncftp /pub/uuthesis > get writing-tips.pdf
ncftp /pub/uuthesis > exit