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Other Useful Things

MAXIMA has many demo files that deal with various aspects and features of MAXIMA. They can be found in the directory demo under your Maxima main directory. MAXIMA uses initialization files provided by each individual user to set up his or her MAXIMA each time MAXIMA is started (see on-line man page for details). Emacs editor users often find it convenient to put the following line

(setq $editorcom '|emacs maxima.buf|)
in their .maxima.lsp file. This causes MAXIMA to use the indicated command (i.e. emacs) as the command line editor rather than the default vi. Some facilities for deriving symbolic formulas and generating RATFOR or C code automatically from these formulas is being developed. For a general discussion on Computer Algebra see [2] for an introduction to the Capabilities of MACSYMA see [1]. For LISP level programming information for Maxima please refere to [3], for an introduction and [4].