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Using MAXIMA for Typesetting

MAXIMA can be told to render its output equations and formulas into code suitable to be printed on a laser printer. Either troff or TeX/LaTeX code can be generated.

MAXIMA can produce typesetting scripts for LaTeX to be included in your LaTeX documents. It is very easy to use. The following is a simple example.

(C2) expand( (2*x^2+4*x-5)^2 );
			   4	   3	  2
(D2) 		        4 X  + 16 X  - 4 X  - 40 X + 25
(C3) latex(d2);


The output can be put in a latex document. It is also possible to direct the generated LaTeX codes into a file. Simply do latex(exp, "file.tex"); in Maxima .

Very few people use triff these days. But if you happen to need it, do mhelp typeset for more info.