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opencomp Unix/World, Open Computing and UnixWorld's Open Computing [magazines] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
opensyst Open Systems Today [magazine] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
opersysrev Operating Systems Review [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
ora O'Reilly and Associates publishers [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
Oracle books book on the Oracle database system [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
osiris Osiris (series 1 and 2) [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx ]
ovr Ortega, Voigt and Romine bibliography on Parallel and Vector Numerical Algorithms (from netlib) unsplit ovr.bib-* file [.bib, .bib-001, .bib-002, .bib-003, .bib-004, .bib-005, .bib-006, .html]