TeX Live 2020 - bugs and updates

Most of TeX Live is a redistribution of packages and programs from elsewhere, primarily CTAN. So, the target for bug reports varies according to the nature of the problem.

If you need to use alternate binaries, our recommended approach is the custom binary support in the TL installer.

For information on 64-bit Windows binaries, see the Windows on TeX Live page.

Bug archives for the previous release and earlier years remain online (under systems/texlive; both the initial release each year, and the frozen state at the end of the cycle in tlnet-final).

Notable changes

As always, there were pervasive updates to packages and programs. We can't list them all, but here are some major user-visible changes in the principal programs:

Nothing major other than the above; see full Kpathsea news for details.
eptex, euptex
New primitives \Uchar, \Ucharcat, \current(x)spacingmode, \ifincsname; revise \fontchar?? and \iffontchar. For euptex only: \currentcjktoken.
luatex (full LuaTeX news)
Nothing major; see full MetaPost news for details.
pdftex (full pdfTeX news)
ptex (full pTeX news)
New primitives \ifjfont, \iftfont. Also in eptex, uptex, and euptex.
xetex (full XeTeX news)
Fixes for \Umathchardef, \XeTeXinterchartoks, \pdfsavepos.
dvips (full dvips news)
Output encodings for bitmap fonts, for better copy/paste capability.
tlmgr (full tlmgr news)
MacTeX and x86_64-darwin now require macOS 10.13 or higher (High Sierra, Mojave, and Catalina); x86_64-darwinlegacy supports 10.6 and newer. MacTeX is notarized and command line programs have hardened runtimes, as now required by Apple for install packages. BibDesk and TeX Live Utility are not in MacTeX because they are not notarized, but a README file lists urls where they can be obtained.

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