University of Utah Mathematics Department LaTeX thesis styles

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This is the master archive site for the definitive version of University of Utah Mathematics Department dissertation and thesis styles for LaTeX. If you downloaded an earlier version some time ago, you can copy *.sty files from the latest version into your working thesis directory, taking care to preserve any private modifications in mythesis.sty.

By special arrangement with the University of Utah Graduate School, the Mathematics Department has begun an experiment for formatting dissertation and thesis documents using an entirely new design of the underlying LaTeX styles, with extended BibTeX styles available for enhanced bibliographies. For at least several months, use of these styles is restricted to students in the Mathematics Department, while higher-level committees review and modernize formatting requirements. At submission time, you will need to fill out this brief one-page approval form.

In Fall 2022, the Mathematics Department dissertation and thesis review committee consists of these faculty members:

Questions about the new styles, and requests for help with typesetting problems in dissertations and theses, should be directed to Nelson Beebe or Fernando Guevara Vasquez. There may be $$ rewards for reports of bugs in the styles or their documentation.

Before starting to examine the new sample theses, please read this document for a description of the new features and styles, and recommendations for their use. Its section 2, Online resources, contains pointers to other locally written documents that can help you get started with LaTeX and BibTeX. They discuss many of the finer points of typesetting and writing that, as an academic professional, you should be aware of. Graduate degrees are awarded for demonstrated expertise in complex and difficult areas of study, but you also need to be able to write effectively about your work, if you are to succeed in a professional career.

The distribution includes four sample graduate dissertations and theses, numbered 0 through 3, with increasing complexity and features, plus an undergraduate Honors College bachelor's degree thesis.

On any Unix (including Linux and macOS) system with a recent TeX Live installation, you should be able to regenerate each document by the single command-line invocation make distclean all, without any changes whatsoever to the files.

Each of the sample theses is set in a different nondefault font family to encourage you to experiment in that area. Far too many TeX and LaTeX documents have been produced with default fonts, leading to the erroneous view that no other fonts are available.

Advice: Many students have found it convenient to start with one of the sample documents, and then make changes from there. When you do so, it is imperative that you rename the directory, and its sample-thesis-n.* files, to something unique to you. You must also make the same renaming in the Makefile. If you include other files for chapters, figures, and tables, make sure to update the Makefile *FILES variable assignments, so that the dependency of your final document on changes made in those files results in proper typesetting actions.

You are free to change the Makefile and any of the LaTeX files in your renamed copy of a suitable sample thesis, and the sample mythesis.sty file for localizing your personal customizations. All other *.sty files must be used unmodified.

To conform to Departmental and Graduate School requirements, you must not change the provided page layout. When you print your document for review, you must ensure that your PDF viewer or printer does not resize it; such scaling has been a too-common cause of thesis rejection in the past.