Bibliography types

BibNet accepts files containing two types of bibliographies:
by author and by subject.

A bibliography by author is the list of publications of which
someone is (co)author: this may include reports, preprints,
or other miscellaneous material that is available on his/her work.
See Appendix C for more information.

We encourage and are particularly grateful to people willing
to contribute the list of publications of authors other than
themselves: for instance, authors who are no longer working in
the field, or are deceased.

Notice: we DO NOT accept a list of miscellaneous publications
of different authors that someone may have collected for his own
work, unless it meets the requirements of the bibliography
by subject, described in (b).

A bibliography by subject is a collection of publications on a
certain subject, with fairly complete coverage.  Examples of
existing bibliographies that meet the requirements are the
collection on "Multigrid Methods" coordinated by Craig Douglas
and the reference list of the book "Matrix Computations"
by Golub and Van Loan.

We encourage and will provide assistance to the coordination of
such efforts.  However, we ask the editor(s) of topical
collections to take responsibility for the revisions, and to
coordinate addition and update of material.