Submitting a new bibliography

A bibliography that is submitted for the FIRST time should be sent to:

In the message body specify the following mandatory fields and as many
of the optional fields as you want.  (The subject line of your message
is ignored.)  

* The automatic generation of the edited bibliography file, and its    *
* companion LaTeX wrapper file, depends on the presence of these       *
* fields.  If you don't supply them, the editors have to do so         *
* manually, and would very much rather not!                            *
* **********************************************************************

      Contributor's Last_name:
      Contributor's First_name:
      Contributor's E_mail_address:
      Bibliography format:      (if BibTeX leave blank)

Mandatory for an Author's publication list
(if Author is different than Contributor)
      Author's Last_name:
      Author's First_name:

Mandatory for a reference list by subject

Optional Fields
      Author/Contributor's Middle_name:
      Author/Contributor's Other_name:
      Author/Contributor's Affiliation:
      Author/Contributor's Department:
      Author/Contributor's Address:
      Author/Contributor's City_state_zip:
      Author/Contributor's Country:
      Author/Contributor's Phone:
      Author/Contributor's Fax:
      Author/Contributor's URL:
      Author/Contributor's Home_address:
      Author/Contributor's Home_City_state_zip:
      Author/Contributor's Home_Country:
      Author/Contributor's Home_Phone:
      Author/Contributor's Home_Fax:
      Author/Contributor's Research:

The bibliography file follows the above material, in the same message.