Incorporation of a bibliography in the BibNet archive

The new or updated contributions will be standardized and checked with
software that we have created.

If some entries have severe compilation errors or are missing
important fields, a revision will be solicited before incorporating
the file in the BibNet archive: the contributors will receive a copy
of their original file along with the compiled version and error

When the files successfully pass the test, the BibTeX bibliography
database will be incorporated in the BibNet archive.  A key will be
assigned and it will be used for the file name.  A contributor will be
notified of the successful operation and the key.

In the absence of conflicts, the key will be formed from
lastname-firstname, so for example, Brian Smith's key would be
smith-brian, and his bibliography file would be named smith-brian.bib.
Otherwise, numeric suffixes will be added in chronological order to
produce unique keys, e.g. smith-brian-2.

NOTICE: only some of the information in the bibliographic entries
can be automatically verified; therefore, the authors are asked to
provide as correct and complete information as possible.  Please
consult Appendix C.