Accessing the BibNet archive

The BibNet archive is maintained at the University of Utah,
Salt Lake City, Utah, on, where the files are stored
in /pub/bibnet for anonymous ftp access.

The BibNet archive is automatically mirrored nightly to the Netlib
servers, where it can be found in /netlib/bibnet via xnetlib,
anonymous ftp, and via e-mail to (and other
e-mail addresses given in the /netlib/sites file).

You may access BibNet through Mosaic by opening the URL connection:

The collection is also accessible via e-mail for those who lack
Internet anonymous ftp or xnetlib capability.  To get started, send an
e-mail message to:

with the following message body:

      send index from bibnet

Here is a sample ftp retrieval session of the bibliography of Eric Grosse:

 % ftp
 Name: anonymous
 Password: user@hostname                <- your e-mail address (not echoed)
 ftp> cd /pub/bibnet/authors/g
 ftp> prompt
 ftp> mget grosse-eric.*
 ftp> quit