Guidelines for bibliography file contributors

The guidelines address two complementary issues:

  - INFORMATION contained in the bibliography entries, and
  - FORMATTING standards and tips.

We hope that the community will understand the convenience and power
of a bibliography database, and will promptly provide INFORMATION
that is as complete and correct as possible.

Formatting standards are not of primary importance.  However, if you
have not yet started a .bib file, some guidelines based on experience
with the TeX Users Group bibliography collection may be useful.

We anticipate that the success of this initiative will likely
generate motivation to render the work as automatable as possible,
to increase the features of this service, and to scale the project
to other fields.

If you have already prepared bibliography data in BibTeX form, we do
NOT expect you to undertake a major overhaul to bring it into a form
consistent with other bibliographies in the collection; we would much
rather receive what you have now, rather than wait indefinitely long
for a polished submission.  Since it is expected that bibliography
files will undergo continuous revision, it is easiest to incorporate
polishing little by little.