pfort: Portable Fortran Verifier

Last updates: Thu Dec 26 12:41:00 MST 2002     Fri Sep 24 08:49:59 2004     Thu Nov 4 06:09:25 2004

This package is for Fortran 66 only, and thus, is primarily of historical interest. For Fortran 77 and later, use the ftnchek package: .

This package is available in several functionally-equivalent distribution formats with identical contents: .jar (Java archive), .tar.bz2 (bzip2'ed UNIX tar archive), .tar.gz (gzipped UNIX tar archive), .zip (InfoZip), and .zoo (zoo), together with companion contents listings ending in -lst. Each unpacks into a subdirectory named by the basename of the distribution file, e.g., pfort-1.00.