TeX Collection 2007 CD/DVD ISO images

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See the TeX Live home page for general information about TeX Live.

Subdirectories of this directory contain ISO images for the TL 2007 release. There are checksums for multiple algorithms for each image so that you can check downloaded files for corruption, and there are digital signatures as well so that you can check for compromised files. See the PGP and GPG notes for more information on verifying and using digital signatures.

This mirror is located at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT, USA in the standard time zone GMT - 7 hours. There is a European mirror of this material in the Czech Republic. Use the mirror site that gives you the best bandwidth.

For 2007, there are two TeX Live images:

live (DVD)
This can be run directly from the distribution media, or installed to hard disk. This is the one recommended for general use.
inst (CD)
This includes all the same programs and packages, but for only three architectures (i386-linux, powerpc-darwin, win32), so it fits on a standard CD. Also, the data is compressed, so it can only be installed, not run live. The only reason to use this is to burn a physical CD.

The images here contain only TeX Live 2007. The TeX Collection DVD distributed by the TeX user groups contains much additional material. Please consider joining a user group to support TeX.

Bug reports are welcome (send problem reports to tex-live@tug.org), but please first check the list of known bugs and updates and the tex-live mail archives .

There is no guaranteed support for the contents of this directory tree.

TeX Live 2007 installation guides

Documentation for installing TeX Live is available in PDF format in Chinese , Czech , English , French , German , Polish , and Russian editions.

TeX Live 2007 for Apple Mac OS X

These files are in disk image (.dmg) format, suitable for direct mounting on Mac OS X systems. Checksums are available here.

TeX Live 2007 for Microsoft Windows

Checksums are available here.

TeX Live 2007 for common systems

Checksums are available here.