bibsql and bibtosql:
BibTeX interfaces to
Structured Query Language (SQL)
relational databases

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This package is available in several functionally-equivalent distribution formats with identical contents: .jar (Java archive), .shar (Unix shar archive), .shar.bz2 (bzip2'ed Unix shar archive), .shar.gz (gzipped Unix shar archive), .shar.xz (xz'ed Unix shar archive), .tar.bz2 (bzip2'ed UNIX tar archive), .tar.gz (gzipped UNIX tar archive), .tar.xz (xz'ed UNIX tar archive), .zip (InfoZip), and .zoo (zoo), together with companion contents listings ending in -lst. Each unpacks into a subdirectory named by the basename of the distribution file, e.g., bibsql-0.00.

On a machine in a nearby building, the downloads, installation, and first successful search took less than 30 seconds with these steps:

    tar xf bibsql-0.09.tar.xz
    cd bibsql-0.09
    ./configure && make all check install
    cd ..
    bibsql -d history-journals
    sqlite> select count(*) from bibtab;


Except possibly for very large collections of data (millions of BibTeX entries), the simplest approach is to use SQLite3, a highly-portable public-domain SQL database system that requires only a single platform-independent database file.