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hardwarex HardwareX [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hash hash algorithms [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hgss History of Geo- and Space Sciences [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
higherordersymbcomput Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
histmath Historia Mathematica [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
histscijpn Historia Scientiarum (International Journal of the History of Science Society of Japan) [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
history-journals Combined database of history journal bibliographies [.db (SQLite3)]
histsciuk History of Science [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
histtechnol History and Technology [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hopos HOPOS: Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hot-chips Hot Chips Symposia [proceedings] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hotos IEEE Hot Topics in Operating Systems Workshops [proceedings] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hpfortran High-Performance Fortran [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hsns Chymia: Annual Studies in the History of Chemistry (1948--1967), Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences (1969--1985), Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences (1986--2007), Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (2008--date) [journals] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
hpj Hewlett-Packard Journal [journal] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]