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virtual-machines virtual machines [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
visible-language The Journal of Typographic Research and Visible Language [journals] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
visual-instruction-set visual instruction sets [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
vldb International Conferences on Very Large Data Bases [conference proceedings] [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
vldbe Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]
vldbj VLDB Journal: Very Large Data Bases [.bib, .dvi, .html, .ltx, .pdf, .ps.gz, .ps.xz, .sok, .twx]