BibNet - A Bibliography Network Project

BibNet is a public-domain bibliography archive in BibTeX format. The archive contains three types of bibliographies: This initiative is a step toward sharing information electronically, and it allows scientists to:

The BibNet archive is maintained at the University of Utah, on, where the files are stored in /pub/bibnet. It is mirrored nightly from there to a few other Internet archive sites. BibNet is accessible through anonymous ftp, Netlib, Mosaic, Gopher and e-mail.



New or updated contributions will be standardized and checked and the bibliographies will be incorporated in the BibNet archive.

We hope that the community will understand the convenience and power of a bibliography database.

We anticipate that the success of this initiative will likely generate motivation to render the work as automatable as possible, to increase the features of this service, and to scale the project to other fields.

Stefano Foresti
Utah Supercomputing Institute
University of Utah

Nelson H. F. Beebe
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Eric Grosse
AT&T Bell Laboratories